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Virginia Homebuilding Slumps After Last Year’s Gain

June 19, 2012 — CDJ Staff

As of May, only 61 residential construction permits have been issues in Roanoke County, Virginia, leaving officials doubtful that this year will meet last year’s mark of 179 permits. Residential construction was at its highest in the county in 2004. The worst year since then was 2009, when the county issued 143 permits. The county is in the western end of the state, near the border with West Virginia, and far from the D.C. metropolitan area.

Arnold Covey, the Director of Community Development for the county said that “it may be until 2014 before we really see a difference. The article by notes that a “key part” of the county budget comes from real estate.

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Virginia Homebuilding Slumps After Last Year’s Gain