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Decatur’s Artisan Residents Sue Developer over Construction Defects

January 24, 2011 — Original Story Daily Report, By Greg Land, Staff Reporter

Fulton county’s Daily Report today covered a story concerning construction defect litigation surrounding Fulton’s Artisan condominium development. The suit names West Ponce Development, Manhattan Construction, Hogan Construction Group, and window manufacturer Andersen Corp. as defendants.

The litigation surrounds alleged waterproofing, stucco, building envelope issues, as well as a variety of mechanical and common area issues. The HOA is represented by Winter Capriola Zenner, who brought suit on January 7th in Fulton County State Court.

According to attorneys Richard Capriola and Eric B. Coleman problems at the development have existed for the last four years.

Defense counsel T. Bart Gary acting on behalf of defendants Manhattan Construction indicated that there had been some discussion between his client and the HOA. “We had received a notice under the Georgia Right to Repair Act from the homeowners association, and - under the act had responded and requested that we be allowed to do an inspection, and we’re in the process of doing that, so I was somewhat caught off guard by the fact that they’ve filed a lawsuit.”


Decatur’s Artisan Residents Sue Developer over Construction Defects